Bayside High School

BHS Has Landed On Jupiter (Ed)

By Robert Queen

Following a security breach in January 2022, PupilPath has been replaced by Jupiter Ed as Bayside High School’s school management system, effective as of September 2022. This comes in the wake of the NYC Department of Education prohibiting all public schools in the city from using the online grade book PupilPath, also known as Skedula to teachers and faculty.

PupilPath suffered a severe security breach in January of 2022, potentially exposing the personal data of 800,000+ students in the NYC school system according to and the New York Times. PupilPath’s systems were shut down for a number of days in an effort to contain the extent of the breach.

Bayside High School chose Jupiter Ed to be the new replacement for PupilPath. In terms of user experience and interface, Jupiter is more refined and navigable when compared to PupilPath. When you log in to Jupiter’s website or mobile application, like PupilPath, you see each of your classes on the “To Do” page, along with your current grade point average in that class. You can also view pending and completed assignments underneath the class name at a glance. You can click on any of your classes to view more information, including all of your assignments.

Also similar to PupilPath, you can view different assessment categories and the corresponding percentage each assignment is worth in your class average. In addition, you can scroll down and see which assignments you have and have not submitted, as well as assignments yet to be graded by your teacher. On PupilPath, there were multiple charts and graphs displaying different averages on grades tallied for “Honors”, “Passing”, “Borderline”, “Fails”, etc. On Jupiter, however, there is a small symbol to the left of each assignment name; a checkmark indicates said assignment is completed and graded, a dot indicates the assignment has not been completed or turned in yet, and an asterisk indicates that there is a new grade and feedback on the assignment from your teacher.

On the top left corner of your screen, there is a button in the form of four horizontal lines. When clicked on, a panel will appear below it on the left-hand side of the screen, with options to view messages from teachers, find or upload files, select different classes in which to view grades, view the school calendar and materials, manage interface and notification settings, and to log out of the website. The messaging within Jupiter Ed can be helpful when the need for communication with teachers and staff arises, be it for parents or students.

Parents can use Jupiter to send and receive messages from faculty and staff. Parents can also set up automatic notifications of student grades and missed assignments, given the option to choose from daily to weekly intervals to receive the automatic email messages without the need to log in, which is an advantage for parents over the old system.

With Jupiter having officially replaced PupilPath in Bayside High School, all students, parents, and teachers can use it to check for grades, messages, and more. Welcome to outer space! Next stop: the Great Red Spot!

Overview of R.A.F.A Club

By Karine Zhuo

Founded by Melissa Buchner in 2011, Bayside High School’s Raising Awareness for Animals Club, or R.A.F.A., is a social club that supports and promotes the welfare of animals in our community. The club’s purpose is to educate others on local rescue shelters and volunteering opportunities through weekly meetings every Thursday in room 334A after 10th period. By holding yearly events and fundraisers, R.A.F.A. takes a step towards a brighter future for animals in need.

In 2019, R.A.F.A. was given the opportunity to hold an event at the Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC). Volunteers cleaned cages and took care of sheltered dogs and cats. R.A.F.A. Club Advisor Ms. Saez states, “R.A.F.A. raises money and collects items to send to shelters in order for them to continue doing the work they do. This year we want to volunteer at shelters to help out more and help as many animals as we can.”

Although volunteering to help animals is a wonderful and fun way to earn service hours, some may reconsider if their afterschool time is being spent wisely. Why not join another club? R.A.F.A.’s meetings are usually quick, providing multiple volunteer opportunities that are straight to the point. Bayside High School Sophomore Aryana Cheng commented, “I recommend people to join R.A.F.A. Club since it’s an easy way to get into clubs at school and a way to meet new people who have the same interests as you. All the board members are welcoming and the meetings are short and don’t take up too much of my time.”

Others may have animal allergies that prohibit them from visiting animals in person, but R.A.F.A. holds animal-free opportunities like Charity Miles, fundraisers for Bobbi and the Strays, and donating mascara wands to Wands for Wildlife. Bayside High School R.A.F.A. Club Treasurer Roy Tang mentioned, “R.A.F.A. Club helps support animals in need. Unlike other clubs, R.A.F.A. helps spread awareness for animals and raises money for animal shelters. Last year, we were able to raise about $300.”

Moreover, according to the R.A.F.A. board members, it is a recommended club for freshmen who are unsure of where to start their club adventures. Bayside High School R.A.F.A. Club Vice President Sabrina Lin added, “The community in R.A.F.A. Club is extremely friendly. I joined R.A.F.A. last year as treasurer and, even then, it was a very welcoming community. Currently, as we start to have more people joining our club, R.A.F.A. is still a very courteous space, especially because of the people I work with like Ms. Saez, the president, the secretary, and the treasurer.”

Without those who participate in R.A.F.A., the club would not be where it is today. Eleven years ago, R.A.F.A. Club began with a few students who pursued their passion for helping animals, and after each year, the club holds the same purpose, to seek aid for animals that are less fortunate.

BHS Excels in Debate Tournament

By Darshan Prabaharan and Shobi Kim

As proud members of the Bayside Debate Team, we would first like to express our sincere gratitude to Principal Martinez, Assistant Principal of English Mrs. Tessenholtz, and Assistant Principal of Organization Mr. Hirata, for lending their generous support and funding in the first stages of the prospective victories of Bayside’s debate team.

On December 12th, 2022, Bayside's first-ever debate team placed second in the Beginner Division and third in the Novice Division at their first tournament. In spite of the attendance of high schools with prior debate experience, including Irvington, Riverdale, Brooklyn Tech, and Cardozo, Bayside placed second in the tournament, coming right behind Brooklyn Technical High School.

We would especially like to commend the efforts of the following Bayside students who placed in the tournament: Giselle Loyola, 4th top speaker, and Shobi Kim, 5th top speaker, placed third overall in the novice division, followed by Darshan Prabaharan and Ella Song, coming in ninth place. In the beginner’s division, Annick Niyonsaba, third top speaker, and Samantha Fong placed second overall. The collective efforts of these debaters won Bayside’s first victory. The debaters in the novice division who placed in the tournament currently qualify to attend national tournaments in the Spring 2023 National Debate circuit.

Ms. Segall, the advisor for the debate team, stated, “I wanted the debaters to go just to experience debating and learn from other debaters, but it was beyond what I expected. Their scores were really high as speakers and as a team. I was blown away. Their hard work paid off.”

Bayside’s American Debate League Advisor Layla Ruiz stated, “It is absolutely amazing to see a team with zero experience and a coach who learned this for the first time make a big splash at the debate tournament. One of the biggest things at Bayside is a constant and dedicated debate board and making sure that the needs are met for each student, as well as having a strong student voice when it comes to the debate team and the dynamics of it. The team (Bayside) is a student lead team, compared to other schools that are run by coaches.” The debate team's prosperous win is just the beginning for Bayside.

Bayside will potentially attend Harvard University’s national tournament in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in February 2023. The funds for the trip are still pending, but the team's chances of going to Harvard remain strong. Principal Martinez, Ms. Segall, Mr. Hirata, and Mrs. Tessenholtz are currently trying to raise enough funds to successfully take the team to the national level, and their efforts are not without utmost appreciation.

Bayside’s success at their first tournament is only the start of their inevitable prominence amongst other high schools.